UX Assist provides workflows for designers comprising of different design activities. You get access to over 100 UX cards with bite-sized information about each activity.

Creating a design project

App flow

App flow

You begin by selecting a product type based on your business and user needs. The app provides four product definitions:

  1. Optimum Viable Product - You're working on a product for a well-established market that needs to develop a long-term competitive advantage.
  2. Minimum Viable Product - You're working on a new product with just enough features to deliver customer value.
  3. Enterprise Product - You're working on a product for people at work that helps in internal company functions.
  4. Data-driven Product - You're redesigning or introducing new features to a product with an established customer base.

Next, you select a medium - Mobile, Web, Voice or Multi-Platform.

Based on your selection, the app will provide a template design workflow with related UX activities.

Managing your workflow and project

The app provides you a list of UX activities for your workflow. You can add, delete, or rearrange them according to your requirements.

You can also assign a due date to an activity or mark it as done. All due dates are stored in your Reminder app. Every activity is bundled with a set of UX cards that give you bite-sized information about it along with a list of related resources. You can share the content of UX cards through any platform of your choice.

The app gives you the flexibility to create multiple projects. You can go to All Projects to see a list of your created projects.